Blog Post #1 – “My Flux Capacitor Is Ready!”

Hello and welcome! Thanks for making the best ‘clicking’ decision of your life.

How’s that for setting expectations!

Oh no, excuse me, I think I need a paperbag. I’ll be right back… Now that I’ve caught my breath, let me start over. Thanks for making the best ‘clicking’ decision of your day. Okay, that’s more in line with a middle child’s personality.

I will be offering my thoughts (sometimes rambling and rants) in a very conversational way as I comment on living in this world but trying (by the grace of God) not to be of it. I pray my words speak the truth in love.

So again, I welcome you and look forward to this journey together as we are challenged and inspired to be more Christ-like along with a healthy dose of reminiscing humor.


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