Blog Post #11: A "Self"ie Fulfilling Prophesy

Jesus’ return is getting close – people are you ready? 

I’m not exactly sure when, no one does, but please don’t be a “last day scoffer” at me.  Scripture is clear about scoffers…

The Bible tells us several places in the New Testament that we are currently living in the last days.  Ever since God poured out the Holy Spirit to the believers to be His witnesses with His power, we are in the last days.

2 Timothy 3:2-5 begins to list some of the things that will be prevalent during these last days.  The first characteristic listed is “People will be lovers of themselves.”  People have always been selfish, but in the last days it must be to a whole new level…

There is a relatively new term in our society that people know worldwide.  What is the universal term of taking a picture of yourself with your own phone?  A Selfie     

What does this act show?  You better believe it shows a love of self.  Now how intense that self- love is will be the question that each one of us needs to examine.  Just contemplate for a moment the many ways those who are popular on social media work at getting noticed and obtain more followers.  What’s even more astonishing is the amount of money these “influencers” make by simply convincing people to pay attention to every aspect of their life.  Their narcissistic attitudes are clearly displayed daily in all their posts.   Thus I can say (with my tongue only half inserted into my cheek) that this is definitely a prophesy – fulfilled!

Being closer and closer to Jesus’ return is fine with me and as the hymn sings out, “Come, Lord Jesus Come.” 

Now can someone show me the best way to do those “duck lips” as I pose and get just the right pouty selfie.  I can’t wait to see all of the LIKES, SHARES, and NEW FOLLOWERS I get….



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