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Everyone remembers who the popular kids were in school. It’s amazing how quickly, even at an early age, the popular group is sorted out and determined. However, for three boys and three girls from Alliance, Ohio a seat at the popular table means having to learn many life lessons to figure out what God really values.

Alliance Lake is known for many serene things – that is why the screams that night forever changed the six teenagers. Can they turn a tragedy into a triumph?

Follow this group of six during their coming of age journey through the 1970’s and 80’s when a shared tragedy will forever bond them together. And all the while, Alliance Lake becomes a refuge to some and resting place to others. Remember God has a plan. He always does.

Will they hear and listen to His voice?

Do not try and find Alliance Lake on a map. It does not exist. Sure, Alliance, Ohio does, but there is no lake. When I began the book, the location of the lake was not in Alliance, Ohio, but thought I needed a town that had a symbolic name. As I was wrestling with this idea, I had a customer call me to either ask a question or place an order. He was from Alliance, Ohio. As I was speaking with him I scratched a note to myself – “setting Alliance!!!!!!” I immediately thanked the Lord for this inspiration as I did with each and every nuance that unfolded with the details of Alliance Lake ~ Be Still.

There is a little of my personality in each of the male characters and even one of the female characters. I’ll let you, the reader; guess which one that would be. Without creating any spoilers, I will say the novel is very personal and some of the themes and details have been with me for a very long time.

Alliance Lake is available for purchase on Amazon, KindleDirect and Barnes & Noble. It is also available on my publisher’s website at Redemption Press.